The benefits of AQUABIKE

Advantages of an aquatic bike...

This pool bike is an excellent cardiovascular exercise tool that puts no stress on your joints. Thanks to water's natural resistance on the entire submerged portion of the user, it increases muscle work and calorie consumption per hour is much greater than with other activities (up to 800 kcal/h depending on coaching).

Who is an aquatic bike for?

The bike is recommended for anyone wishing to improve their physical condition. Water pressure compensates blood pressure, effectively preventing the appearance of varicose veins and helping to eliminate cellulite. It is especially indicated for: weight loss, treatment of osteoarthritis, physical therapy, back and hip injuries, cyclist training, aquafitness, the elderly, rheumatic disease and physical fitness in general.


Come discover this new cardio sport (the ultimate weapon against cellulite). As its name implies, it's a bike in a swimming pool. This fun sport enables you to burn a maximum number of calories. General muscle toning: It allows for sculpting and toning legs, glutes, abs, back, arms... without gaining muscle mass. Aquatic pedalling, despite being intensive, is not followed by aches and pains after exercising.

Ready! Go!

You can also take advantage of a bonus anti-cellulite draining massage!